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André Silva - Bundesliga's Best

André Silva - Bundesliga's Best


  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal9 годин тому


  • Astrit Destani
    Astrit Destani9 годин тому


  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal9 годин тому

    28 Goals

  • Carrot And A Stick
    Carrot And A Stick9 годин тому

    New kits?

  • lewis.f
    lewis.f9 годин тому

    Frankfurt playing with no defenders

  • Zac's Football Skillz
    Zac's Football Skillz9 годин тому

    Who else saw karius

  • Ayan Dutta
    Ayan Dutta9 годин тому

    That's what football is And now it's ruined forever

  • Back to Normal again
    Back to Normal again9 годин тому

    Thomas Muller: "Bayern Muenchen" Subtitle: "By I Mention"

  • JL12
    JL129 годин тому

    if wamannnnnnn was there this would've been different

  • sabri salleh
    sabri salleh9 годин тому

    Why i can't see where is lewandowski is look like i see number 14 i thing that is lewandowski

  • Arabella
    Arabella9 годин тому

    Now this is football not some european super league

  • ኢትዬ
    ኢትዬ9 годин тому

    Now it won't matter as there is VAR

  • Denis Szabloczky
    Denis Szabloczky9 годин тому

    Está mais do na hora do Low chamar os jogadores da Floresta negra!

  • Denis Szabloczky
    Denis Szabloczky9 годин тому

    Uniforme estranho este do Arminia. Estou tão acostumada com o preto , branco e azul.

  • Elo mial
    Elo mial9 годин тому


  • Exterminador
    Exterminador9 годин тому

    2021, alguém?

  • Minh Duc Pham SÖKV
    Minh Duc Pham SÖKV9 годин тому

    Haaland is so boring. He always scores.

  • stormtrooper30
    stormtrooper309 годин тому

    Man, all these clubs announcing the arrival/departure of coach affects the morale of a squad. Frankfurt getting scored on 4 goals by a Gladbach team that in all sense is out of form? Hopefully the Eagles recover.

  • Gergő Szabó
    Gergő Szabó10 годин тому

    Sallai what a beast💪🏼⚽️❤🤍💚

  • volte prime
    volte prime10 годин тому

    A lab was designed in Haaland to score goals.

  • TicTac Tech
    TicTac Tech10 годин тому

    Pep instant meme

  • Anup Reddy
    Anup Reddy10 годин тому

    Huge respect to Bundesliga for not supporting super league

  • Erling Haaland
    Erling Haaland10 годин тому

    I love you dortmund and Bayern for no taking part in super league

  • efootball PES Cambodia
    efootball PES Cambodia10 годин тому

    Love Bundesliga

  • Rizal Wahyudin
    Rizal Wahyudin10 годин тому

    Haaland is back

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen10 годин тому

    Musiala is great. He and Haaland will be tremendous together

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen10 годин тому

    Leon should go to BVB

  • Shakir Asuni
    Shakir Asuni10 годин тому

    Fine boy Ballack

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen10 годин тому

    Schalke is done

  • Home Of Bayern HD
    Home Of Bayern HD10 годин тому

    People used to say Bundesliga and French league as farmers' league.... And now we and the French league are the only leagues against that stupid Super League. Bundesliga the best. Bayern the greatest.

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen10 годин тому

    Can is trash

  • efootball PES Cambodia
    efootball PES Cambodia10 годин тому

    Love love

  • Agyar Hardjasudjana
    Agyar Hardjasudjana10 годин тому

    Dortmund's kit is lit. Looks fresh and retro at the same time

  • Anzad Riza
    Anzad Riza10 годин тому

    proud of bundesliga to stand against super league

  • Liriq
    Liriq10 годин тому


  • False Alarms
    False Alarms11 годин тому

    Enough 🙄 Schalke04 😶

  • Fathi Balfas
    Fathi Balfas11 годин тому

    Kahn was so lucky because already retired when Lord Bendtner played in Bundesliga

  • Mr. D Eror
    Mr. D Eror11 годин тому

    Daichi Kamada my favorite player

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher11 годин тому

    Dortmund and bayern both decline the super league. Brilliant clubs brilliant league well done

  • False Alarms
    False Alarms11 годин тому

    Unlucky 🥶

  • Avirup Santra
    Avirup Santra11 годин тому

    By seeing the thumbnail, i thought that Kimmich is taking revenge against Neymar in alternate universe

  • False Alarms
    False Alarms11 годин тому

    Speechless 😶

  • 472 Rajat Ghosh 228
    472 Rajat Ghosh 22811 годин тому

    This is some of the best commentary I've heard in a while

    VASUDEVAKRISHNAN P11 годин тому

    Huge respect to budesliga for turning down the European super league

  • Alen cyriac cyriac
    Alen cyriac cyriac11 годин тому

    He is so humble and a great player.

  • Bro Guys
    Bro Guys11 годин тому

    You must join MU Halland

  • Nemika Benthota
    Nemika Benthota11 годин тому

    gio Reyna has an bullet shot

  • Danny
    Danny11 годин тому


  • kukuh adikukuh
    kukuh adikukuh11 годин тому

    Come to super league Bayern 😂

  • Kevin V
    Kevin V11 годин тому

    If we had him for the home fixture vs psg

  • Elite Revan327
    Elite Revan32711 годин тому

    I recommend him in FIFA ultimate team

  • aBurntNugget
    aBurntNugget12 годин тому

    Hütter bitte jetzt schon weg 🤬😡

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown12 годин тому

    Say no to super league

  • Sir Carlos Cervantes
    Sir Carlos Cervantes12 годин тому

    al final los de la uefa y la fifa se forran muchisimo y los clubes se han dado cuenta y quieren mas para ello. La extiencion del futbol se aproxima.

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown12 годин тому

    Haaland is back🔥🔥🔥

  • Red Devil Ciar
    Red Devil Ciar12 годин тому

    Can't wait to see Haaland in United Jersey. 😍😍😍😍❤️

  • Red Devil Ciar
    Red Devil Ciar11 годин тому

    @Put and I'm going to tell you why the super league won't happen, all the players going to finish contracts whit their respective clubs and FIFA will help them all.

  • Red Devil Ciar
    Red Devil Ciar11 годин тому

    @Put I understand that, but the super league is not going to happen. I'm sure of that.

  • Put
    Put11 годин тому

    Håland wants to play for his country, and he cant do that if he plays for united because they will be in the super league

  • andr
    andr12 годин тому

    Príncipe eres un crack y un ejemplo, bicampeón eres eterno