André Silva - All Goals 2020/21 So Far


Enjoy all of André Silva's 21 Bundesliga Goals this Season so far!
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André Silva is having the season of his life. With 21 goals in the current campaign, he is currently second on the Bundesliga scoring chart - only Robert Lewandowski has scored more often. Thanks to the 25-year-old Portuguese hitman’s goals, Eintracht Frankfurt are currently 4th in the table and are thus on course to qualify for the Champions League at the end of the campaign. What do you think? How many goals will Silva have to his name after Matchday 34? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Śââďãq otto
    Śââďãq ottoДень тому

    Not premier league level easy goals

  • Oliwier Zuba
    Oliwier ZubaДень тому

    Please Silva come to man utd 🔴👀

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee2 дні тому

    Welcome to Manchester United.

  • Debian ᠤᠢᠠᠨ
    Debian ᠤᠢᠠᠨ2 дні тому


  • Hanzala Mehmood
    Hanzala Mehmood2 дні тому

    Pen Merchant don't see anything special

    MAN-UNITED CORNER2 дні тому

    Welcome To Manchester United Andre silver.

  • GE
    GE3 дні тому

    Too many penalties. Take then away and he's not got that many. Not worth the money he's being touted for. Solid, but not world class.

  • on w
    on w3 дні тому

    come to liverpool!!

  • don_anesu
    don_anesu3 дні тому

    penalty expect he would help us alot. sign him please man city lol

  • Danny Ahmed
    Danny Ahmed6 днів тому

    Kostic looking good!

  • Chris Ttofari
    Chris Ttofari6 днів тому

    Arsenal are you watching

  • Juan Barbossa
    Juan Barbossa7 днів тому

    Patricio/Pepe/R.Dias/N.Mendes (only 18 years old) or Guerreiro/Cancelo/R.Sanches/B.Fernandes/B.Silva/Jota or Felix/CR7/ A.Silva ... not bad at all

  • yash chopade11
    yash chopade118 днів тому

    Kostics crossing is unreal

  • pritish more
    pritish more9 днів тому

    just like timo werner. one season wonder

  • Rufaro Chikovore
    Rufaro Chikovore10 днів тому

    i hope bayern gets him as a lewa replacement

  • Adanos
    Adanos11 днів тому

    he improved a lot on his positioning

  • trickle teeth
    trickle teeth11 днів тому

    Half the goals r pens. He should definitely come to Utd😄

  • sneha Reji
    sneha Reji12 днів тому

    No long shot goals

  • sneha Reji
    sneha Reji12 днів тому

    Most are penalty goals

  • Berat Kaya
    Berat Kaya13 днів тому

    Come to Spurs bro

  • Akbar Yuldoshev
    Akbar Yuldoshev14 днів тому

    This guy is marketing scam by his agent, they are looking for a new victim whoever buys him will find out that he has paid for the fluck a lot of money.Basically all of his goals tap ins or penalties.

  • Debian ᠤᠢᠠᠨ

    Debian ᠤᠢᠠᠨ

    2 дні тому


  • Gentian Demiri
    Gentian Demiri14 днів тому

    Welcome to premier league. Don’t waist your talent in farm league!

  • mustafa abdullahi

    mustafa abdullahi

    14 днів тому

    Coming to united

  • Duhawma Version
    Duhawma Version15 днів тому

    All his goals are poachers' goals.

  • Edgar Pinheiro

    Edgar Pinheiro

    12 днів тому

    That’s called great positioning, he is a fox in the box, seems easy but it’s a talent

  • Ali Amjad
    Ali Amjad15 днів тому

    City will buy him

  • Prana Chakra
    Prana Chakra15 днів тому

    Seven pelanties... 13 goals in bundesliga. In epl he only scores ten goals half season

  • Miguel
    Miguel15 днів тому

    Lfc plz buy this guy as a replacement for firmino, with Jota they will have a good chemistry I think

  • Marnus deBruyne
    Marnus deBruyne16 днів тому

    That last goal was UN-B-LIVE-AA-BUL UN-B-LIVE-AA-BUL!!

  • Ash to Ash
    Ash to Ash16 днів тому

    a true fox in the box. i think it'll be hard for him to go to top clubs and keep his level. Need more from him

  • NP Gaming
    NP Gaming16 днів тому

    Who is here after hearing the Rumours that Barca may Sign him in the Summer

  • 2020 CL SZN
    2020 CL SZN17 днів тому

    So many penalty goals wow

  • Redwan Hamid
    Redwan Hamid17 днів тому

    80% penalty or tap ins

  • Kris Raj
    Kris Raj18 днів тому

    The kostic Silva partnership 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bhushan Mahamuni
    Bhushan Mahamuni18 днів тому

    If signs for United he will score around 15 goals per season. No penalties.

  • Daidi Fanta
    Daidi Fanta19 днів тому

    Keep playing like this and Man City may come sniffing around as another option to Haaland, Lautaro, Lukaku, Kane.

  • Gadz348


    14 днів тому

    @Hasan Riad I think he is tbh he suits our style of play very much

  • Hasan Riad

    Hasan Riad

    15 днів тому

    He is not good enough playing for man City..

  • sohaib fazal
    sohaib fazal19 днів тому

    Nothing special

  • Joi Pol
    Joi Pol19 днів тому

    Portugal get a penalty. CR7: its still mine you know Andre silva: okay no problem Bruno: hmmm

  • twaha thomas

    twaha thomas

    День тому


  • Michael Frempong
    Michael Frempong19 днів тому

    Either going to end in wolves or man united next season

  • Makhdum Ibrahim. R
    Makhdum Ibrahim. R20 днів тому

    6 penalties, 17 from open play , still great

  • Ray Dalle
    Ray Dalle20 днів тому

    Damn...portuguese 's players love penalties a lot😂😂😅

  • Edgar Pinheiro

    Edgar Pinheiro

    12 днів тому

    They don’t miss them.

  • man bat
    man bat20 днів тому

    As a barcelona fan I don't mind seeing him play for us as he's very good finishing wise that is he's not flashy he's very simple but effective and he has good positional awareness. Honestly I would rather haland but let's be real andre silva is a more realistic signing than haland as he's wayyy too expensive and barcelona have other areas on the field that also needs improving.

  • Swedy
    Swedy20 днів тому

    Only penalties, tap ins, deflections and lucky headers. Now go and watch Haaland's goals

  • Irfan Aunanta
    Irfan Aunanta21 день тому

    Anyone can shine in Bundesliga 🤣! Anyone is flop untill he joins Bundesliga

  • Jóni Milán
    Jóni Milán21 день тому

    Complete goalscorer

  • balakrishnA vangavallu
    balakrishnA vangavallu21 день тому

    Another cold blooded finisher from Portugal

  • Henry B
    Henry B21 день тому

    Sign him up Man UTD!

  • Dayo Ofere

    Dayo Ofere

    2 дні тому

    Kane instead, if we want to challenge for trophies

  • kalam playzz
    kalam playzz21 день тому

    Why do u people call admin as 'admihno' ??

  • H Raf
    H Raf21 день тому

    I will be glad to see him in Barça

  • azman abas
    azman abas22 дні тому

    Kamada is assists king

  • Sebastian Pinto
    Sebastian Pinto22 дні тому

    O know that he it’s scoring a lot of goals but kostic give him at least the half of the assists and no one it’s talking about him

  • Sebastian Pinto

    Sebastian Pinto

    22 дні тому


  • The Pink Panther
    The Pink Panther22 дні тому

    if you’re a Portuguese kid you don’t get to eat food if you can’t score a penalty PS: NOT A MESSI FAN

  • The Pink Panther
    The Pink Panther22 дні тому

    *If you’re born in Portugal:* Eat. Sleep. Tap-in. Penalty. Repeat

  • The Pink Panther
    The Pink Panther22 дні тому

    Another portugese penalty merchant

  • Camp Nou Giants
    Camp Nou Giants22 дні тому

    He is underrated

  • Saravana Bawa
    Saravana Bawa22 дні тому

    Portugal should get morinho ( tournement specialist) for WC n they will win it . There have a lot of good players in all the league . Its about time they win it .

  • Rui Martins
    Rui Martins23 дні тому

    if he playied for dortmund or bayern imagine the hype

  • SM 99
    SM 9923 дні тому

    Most of the teams defending is horrible. Still Silva is a good prospect.

  • Abdulfatah Bwana
    Abdulfatah Bwana23 дні тому


  • Btown
    Btown23 дні тому

    He will play for wolves soon

  • Prisca Mwok
    Prisca Mwok23 дні тому


  • Shizuko
    Shizuko23 дні тому

    a one season man, a whole lot of penalties and a whole lot of luck, he is nothing extraordinary

  • Rufaro Chikovore

    Rufaro Chikovore

    10 днів тому

    he is a target man..

  • deehaz snow

    deehaz snow

    23 дні тому

    I agree

  • Anant Gupta
    Anant Gupta23 дні тому

    farmers league

  • Shourya Tiwari
    Shourya Tiwari23 дні тому

    Kostic and silva is a deadly duo ☠️

  • Jack Tavarez
    Jack Tavarez23 дні тому

    whose here from talk FCB

  • konka rip
    konka rip23 дні тому

    If he signs for Barca he will be just like what Jovic was for Real Madrid. Not La Liga material...

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle23 дні тому

    Chelsea should buy this guy

  • baba vos
    baba vos23 дні тому

    Haaland overprice so this man worthed to replace him.

  • Sam Moojg
    Sam Moojg23 дні тому

    You are good player silver

  • Shuma Atiqunnassa
    Shuma Atiqunnassa23 дні тому

    How are portugese players this good at taking penalties?

  • Edgar Pinheiro

    Edgar Pinheiro

    12 днів тому

    They learn with Ronaldo at Portugal training ground

  • Mr .Joe
    Mr .Joe23 дні тому

    Welcome to Manchester United!!

  • FM Stegen
    FM Stegen23 дні тому

    Here when Barca is linked with Andre silva

  • UJMX


    23 дні тому


  • Rozay


    23 дні тому


  • S. p
    S. p23 дні тому

    another penalty taker from Portugal like CR Ronaldo...

  • Saravana Bawa

    Saravana Bawa

    22 дні тому

    Dont forget bruno too . Portugal definitely penalty shoutout champions in next WC

  • facts to the max
    facts to the max23 дні тому

    Reminds me alot of suarez in his prime

  • Rushin Bhatt
    Rushin Bhatt23 дні тому

    Anyone else here coz of the Barca rumours today?

  • Zafran Akram

    Zafran Akram

    22 дні тому

    Exactly y , I wnt to see how gud he is

  • Nathaniel John

    Nathaniel John

    22 дні тому


  • Barca MagicTV
    Barca MagicTV23 дні тому

    Portuguese = Penalties

  • Csaba Kállai
    Csaba Kállai23 дні тому

    Perfect for Barca !

  • Bocor fitness & vlogs
    Bocor fitness & vlogs23 дні тому

    Andre Silva he can't stop scoring. He's wonderful! 😱

  • Fiona Russell
    Fiona Russell23 дні тому

    He's world class

  • Space Man
    Space Man24 дні тому

    He is just a mediocer striker... He will not become top 5 best striker in the world.. kamada is the real star

  • utubecorporatetroll
    utubecorporatetroll24 дні тому

    Penalty and tap ins ... Penaldo light

  • îmMoRTal PUBG
    îmMoRTal PUBG24 дні тому

    Come to barcelona ❤️

  • Sahagavo Tchoukoulian
    Sahagavo Tchoukoulian24 дні тому

    Barca will buy him

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar24 дні тому

    Portugal will give tough time in Europe they are a contenders for WC and can also defend the euros

  • Gilson Alves
    Gilson Alves24 дні тому

    His kind of play not suited for Italy's Serie A.

  • Adam Arif
    Adam Arif24 дні тому

    Welcome to barcelona

  • toruk maktu
    toruk maktu24 дні тому

    Penaldo 2

  • Hamza Baydka
    Hamza Baydka24 дні тому

    Who's here after barca interest?

  • Spen


    2 дні тому

    @H Raf because everything you read is completely true.

  • Rufaro Chikovore

    Rufaro Chikovore

    10 днів тому

    he doesnt suit barca

  • PD13 I

    PD13 I

    14 днів тому

    @H Raf you sure even after what Bayern did to y’all 😂 8-2

  • H Raf

    H Raf

    21 день тому

    @Ødegåård 21 hh very bad example Ramos for me is an American football player or a rugby player

  • Ødegåård 21

    Ødegåård 21

    21 день тому

    @H Raf Ramos dream is to play for Barcelona? 😂

  • Sir Sultan
    Sir Sultan24 дні тому

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ WEAK FOOT

  • Sousa Com Cê
    Sousa Com Cê24 дні тому

    Vamos André, brilha menino🥰❤🖤

  • mirlind
    mirlind24 дні тому

    I was thinking he would be good for Barqa but then i remember what jovic did in liga lol

  • Just an old chunk of coal from Italia

    Just an old chunk of coal from Italia

    5 днів тому

    Dude, all leagues are difficult. It’s not as if La Liga or Serie A have much stronger defenses. When a player doesn’t perform in a new country it’s due to the lack of adaptation in his new team’s style of play, not because of the league’s unique differences. Jovic wasn’t fitting in Real Madrid’s tactics just as André Silva wasn’t fitting into Ac Milan’s style of play, it all depends on how they adapt into their team.

  • Bezma studio
    Bezma studio25 днів тому

    Penalty merchant and tap ins #nohateguys

  • Aditya Chopra
    Aditya Chopra25 днів тому

    Welcome to Manchester United!

  • 焼き肉連合
    焼き肉連合25 днів тому


  • Kelvin TZN
    Kelvin TZN25 днів тому

    0:35 Another portiguese penalty merchant

  • Frank Francis
    Frank Francis25 днів тому

    So Solskjaer pointed this striker under his radar too? okay i guess our frontline would be in safe hands

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan25 днів тому

    Silva strikes the ball so cleanly and powerfully🔥🚀

  • にょむ
    にょむ25 днів тому


  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director25 днів тому

    He's pretty good. 6/21 goals were penalties but that's okay, his positioning for the 15 goals was great!



    8 днів тому

    Everyone is ignoring that point

  • Son of Sun
    Son of Sun25 днів тому

    but, in AC Milan, he is nothing

  • Coop
    Coop25 днів тому

    Frankfurt always seem to have a fantastic striker these days

  • rapidt real
    rapidt real25 днів тому

    last goal was after noice tiki taka