VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern München | 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 29 - Bundesliga 2020/21


#WOBFCB | Highlights from Matchday 29!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 29 of 2020/21 season!
Goals: 0-1 Musiala (15'), 0-2 Choupo-Moting (24'), 1-2 Weghorst (35'), 1-3 Musiala (37'), 2-3 Philipp (54')
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    Bundesliga25 днів тому

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  • abbey spice fan 2007

    abbey spice fan 2007

    25 днів тому

    Ok 😎

  • Delron Mackay
    Delron Mackay22 дні тому

    no lewy no prob we have musiallllla

  • jonbudi
    jonbudi22 дні тому

    Forza Juve

  • bjkactivities
    bjkactivities23 дні тому

    That commentator really practiced the pronunciation of Wout Weghorst. By far the best i've ever heard from a native english speaker.

  • Super Football 2021
    Super Football 202123 дні тому


  • Zachary Gerritsen
    Zachary Gerritsen23 дні тому

    It would be the biggest disgrace for bayern to stupidly join this joke of a super league. I have been following and supporting man utd for the past 5 years and bayern for the past 2. I don't want either of them to join the super league

  • Vagish Mishra
    Vagish Mishra23 дні тому

    Who is this commentator? He is just brilliant. Wow!

  • Aldorf Luthanus

    Aldorf Luthanus

    21 день тому

    You are very right!!!!!

  • Pride Of London
    Pride Of London23 дні тому

    Bayern nob gw ikut ESL😂

  • Aka Ali
    Aka Ali23 дні тому

    Thanks saying no to super league

  • Comics Nerd
    Comics Nerd23 дні тому

    The commentary on this highlights video is really awesome ❤🙏

  • Stalker T
    Stalker T23 дні тому


  • Henry Igweonu
    Henry Igweonu24 дні тому

    The commentary is amazing

  • Ifeza tv
    Ifeza tv24 дні тому

    Thank you #ifezatv

  • Tengku Syafiq
    Tengku Syafiq24 дні тому

    Musiala is the next arjen robben🔥

  • Pat Meyer
    Pat Meyer24 дні тому

    Bayern champion

  • John kora John
    John kora John24 дні тому

    Lord Erick cupu moting 😆

  • Keisha Zahra
    Keisha Zahra24 дні тому

    pengin liat munchen kalah di bundesliga

  • Rigel Ark

    Rigel Ark

    23 дні тому

    Semangati pesaing2nya kalau gitu. Ingetin juga supaya jangan buang2 poin, trus yg konsisten kalau mau depak Bayern. 😎

  • Martin Tony
    Martin Tony24 дні тому

    Hasan Salihamidžić out

  • Rexford Kwame Narteh
    Rexford Kwame Narteh24 дні тому

    Bayern's dominance in Germany is just amazing. I wonder what their secret is.

  • Dopeweed La

    Dopeweed La

    24 дні тому

    bayern was always the best german club, only hamburg defeated them back in the 80's,unfortunately hamburg isn't in bundesliga

  • Zubair Shaik

    Zubair Shaik

    24 дні тому

    Consistency..they win when it matters most

  • Max Karun
    Max Karun24 дні тому

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  • Mahdi Mohamedsani
    Mahdi Mohamedsani24 дні тому

    what a superb commentry!

  • Verhetetlen Zsolt
    Verhetetlen Zsolt24 дні тому

    Casteels is a poor goalkeeper. He became 3 goals.

  • Ashraf NextDoor
    Ashraf NextDoor24 дні тому


  • Ishmail Nganga
    Ishmail Nganga24 дні тому

    Bayern letting in too many goals of late, defence or Nueur🤔🤔

  • Raul Xz

    Raul Xz

    24 дні тому

    Defence Is a question?

  • Aldorf Luthanus
    Aldorf Luthanus24 дні тому

    BRAVO Bayern München!!!!! BRAVO Bayern München!!!!! BRAVO Bayern München!!!!! BRAVO Bayern München!!!!! BRAVO Bayern München!!!!!

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen24 дні тому

    Musiala is great. He and Haaland will be tremendous together

  • 472 Rajat Ghosh 228
    472 Rajat Ghosh 22824 дні тому

    This is some of the best commentary I've heard in a while

  • survivor turnover
    survivor turnover24 дні тому

    musiala is so cool man

  • Дмитрий Давидчук
    Дмитрий Давидчук24 дні тому

    Bayern, don't go to superleague!!!!! Don't go to this s*it!!!!!

  • Rynel
    Rynel25 днів тому

    "Bayern fans may not have been thinking Lewandowski who? At halftime. But they may have been thinking Musiala wow".

  • Marc Aomine

    Marc Aomine

    21 день тому

    Yeah 😅😂🔥

  • Living meme
    Living meme25 днів тому

    Bundesliga was and will remain the best in the world.🔥🔥❤️

  • Living meme

    Living meme

    24 дні тому

    Thank you adminho😊

  • Shashi Shekhar
    Shashi Shekhar25 днів тому

    No one's going to talk about the amazing description of the match?! A very neatly worded presentation indeed. 👏👏

  • JackieVIBE
    JackieVIBE25 днів тому

    Boateng failed again!

  • The Making De Moi
    The Making De Moi25 днів тому

    Musiala is obviously going to inherit Mullers throne.

  • Percy sfiso
    Percy sfiso25 днів тому

    I've always been telling my bros to watch out for Musiala 😤😤, him and Bellingham are one thing🔥🔥

  • reme rose
    reme rose25 днів тому

    #BrazzoOut 😡

  • Jakub Horák
    Jakub Horák25 днів тому

    This was not Casteels' match. I'm a little sorry for him. But when Bayern wins, the feelings go away! MIA SAN MIA ❤

  • Bundesliga


    24 дні тому

    One for him to forget... but there's still so much for Wolfsburg to fight for 💚

  • Иван Новиков
    Иван Новиков25 днів тому

    Bundesliga together against Super League.

  • Minej Mosuris
    Minej Mosuris25 днів тому

    Musiala is such a talent!... I can see him getting double digit goals next season🤩😏

  • Mr. Pooh

    Mr. Pooh

    21 день тому

    @Mukul I don't think germans do the hype thing or maybe they do and i just don't understand their language.

  • Minej Mosuris

    Minej Mosuris

    24 дні тому

    @Mukul EXACTLY!

  • Mukul


    24 дні тому

    Its unfortunate he's not getting the attention he deserves because he chose Germany over England...

  • Estrellitaloca


    25 днів тому

    He is only 17 18 years aww!!

  • abbey spice fan 2007
    abbey spice fan 200725 днів тому

    Fair play to Wolfsburg I think they played well but when you play Bayern theirs not Munich chance of a win depending on who well they play

  • Oscar Mandujano
    Oscar Mandujano25 днів тому

    Thank the teams for rejecting ufea super league

  • Roy Abugewa

    Roy Abugewa

    23 дні тому

    @Divenaldo Penaldo they have no choice because the stadium is owned by the fans

  • Στέφανος FC

    Στέφανος FC

    24 дні тому

    Leipzig and BVB rejected! 🥳

  • Στέφανος FC

    Στέφανος FC

    24 дні тому

    They say Bayern, Porto and RBLeipzig will participate in the super league 😪

  • Raoul Ciubotaru

    Raoul Ciubotaru

    24 дні тому

    I'm a juve fan from italy and the super league for me is stupid. Why they do this

  • Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo

    24 дні тому

    Munich has always been a football club. They will not join this disgraced league

  • TheAlarcon
    TheAlarcon25 днів тому


  • Hamza amjad
    Hamza amjad25 днів тому

    Thak god

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow25 днів тому

    Lewangoalskill when is he coming

  • Tom Tom

    Tom Tom

    25 днів тому

    @Ketelhohn Juan 👍

  • Mr Shadow

    Mr Shadow

    25 днів тому

    @Ketelhohn Juan tnx

  • Ketelhohn Juan

    Ketelhohn Juan

    25 днів тому

    Next Match i think so

  • Callum Brewster
    Callum Brewster25 днів тому

    someone say hi

  • Shuma Atiqunnassa

    Shuma Atiqunnassa

    25 днів тому

    Hello >:)

  • Bayødegaard Dragonfire

    Bayødegaard Dragonfire

    25 днів тому


  • abbey spice fan 2007

    abbey spice fan 2007

    25 днів тому


  • Gruffydd JONES
    Gruffydd JONES25 днів тому

    Have bayern won the league yet?