Silva's Goal for the Win vs. BVB | Borussia Dortmund - Eintracht Frankfurt | 1-2 | All Goals | MD 27


#BVBSGE | Highlights from Matchday 27!
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Watch all goals of Borussia Dortmund vs. Eintracht Frankfurt from Matchday 27 of 2020/21 season!
Goals: 0-1 Schultz (11’ OG), 1-1 Hummels (45’), 1-2 Silva (87’)
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  • World's Beautiful Game
    World's Beautiful Game16 днів тому

    As adminho said, from silva to gold 🔥🌟

  • Aristocratic_Democratic


    День тому

    @Joseph Fayek It's Chemistry bro, Silver's chemical name is Ag and Gold's chemical name is Au.

  • World's Beautiful Game

    World's Beautiful Game

    13 днів тому

    @Carl Johan lol, so why do that?

  • Carl Johan

    Carl Johan

    13 днів тому

    @Mack Garrett Wow! It took like 15 mins but it worked!

  • Mack Garrett

    Mack Garrett

    13 днів тому

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    15 днів тому

  • ismail mbogo
    ismail mbogo11 днів тому

    Pioli did mistake to kick out A.SILVA

  • Rahim Nasr
    Rahim Nasr13 днів тому

    Bvb defense is useless

  • Prabal Bhardwaj
    Prabal Bhardwaj14 днів тому

    As a Milanisti we regret him selling and selling him so cheaply

  • mr7
    mr714 днів тому

    Kostic underrated player

  • aaron
    aaron14 днів тому

    Kostic is that guy.

  • Whoopty loop
    Whoopty loop14 днів тому

    Haaland Disappeared 😂😂

  • Ansh Malhotra
    Ansh Malhotra15 днів тому

    I honestly don't like the view at the top. German football always had history and passion, plastic clubs like you know who ruin the game. Their crowd can never match the raw emotions at Signal Iduna Park or Allianz. Crazy how they breached 50+1 and FFP.

  • Mawet Meen
    Mawet Meen15 днів тому

    Dormomd will not play in champion league next season


  • Skittles
    Skittles15 днів тому

    Marwin Hitz is a total dogshit. Can't even perform a single good save. Dortmund is playing without any goalkeeper at this point.

  • Saad Chafik
    Saad Chafik15 днів тому

    Bye bye CL bye bye Haaland :)

  • alejan fernandez
    alejan fernandez15 днів тому

    the good thing about the bundesliga highlights are that they are short and shows the best moments of the game only

  • 리공민
    리공민15 днів тому

    Holland is bubble

  • Bharat Sarda
    Bharat Sarda15 днів тому

    Sancho coming home

  • Thomas Mueller
    Thomas Mueller15 днів тому

    What a cross from kostic❤️

  • Irsyad Muhammad
    Irsyad Muhammad15 днів тому

    BvB is a great team with golden player, but often with not really good manager. BvB management must think seriously to find bright manager (coach) and pay more, why not, than wasting their great and talented player.

  • Irsyad Muhammad
    Irsyad Muhammad15 днів тому

    BvB is a great team with golden player, but often with not really good manager. BvB management must think seriously to find bright manager (coach) and pay more, why not, than wasting their great and talented player.

  • Addo Densu
    Addo Densu15 днів тому

    Silva is on fire. But I have a nagging feeling he will struggle just like jovic if he should play in the epl or la liga

  • Micven Media
    Micven Media15 днів тому

    Am a Dortmund fan but my team is rubbish, played a single man in midfield, Emre Can at right back, Hummel is getting old, I was surprised when they were expecting to win

  • Bayu Mulyawan Muslim
    Bayu Mulyawan Muslim15 днів тому

    Where luka jovic??

  • Jephter Oyaro
    Jephter Oyaro15 днів тому

    Haaland is busy finding a new club so Dortmund losing he has nothing to lose

  • Milo Dsouza
    Milo Dsouza15 днів тому

    Mam utd to sign silva and sancho

  • su sakot
    su sakot15 днів тому

    CR7 over Silva is joke

  • AllanJpa
    AllanJpa15 днів тому

    Bvb needs a gk asap. Sad to see them waste Haaland's years with no gk nor coach

  • にっぽん
    にっぽん15 днів тому

    frankfurt cl go

  • The Fourth Chairman
    The Fourth Chairman15 днів тому

    lewandowski scores the same number of goals as haaland without even having to play that's how good lewandowski is

  • 지재준
    지재준15 днів тому

    Always the header Always

  • Software Mobile Tips
    Software Mobile Tips15 днів тому

    Silva, Jovic, Kostic🧐..Frankfurt is going to become the Second best Team in Bundesliga For Sure🤑🤑

  • Acting Adda
    Acting Adda15 днів тому

    I am very very sad adminho how will Dortmund qualify next season😭😭😭

  • Pribadi Badi
    Pribadi Badi15 днів тому

    Andre Silva >>> Erling Haaland

  • Azero Futebol
    Azero Futebol15 днів тому

    Andre Silva is good for average Club.

  • Cristian Mateo
    Cristian Mateo15 днів тому

    Please raise the salary for that editor he deserves it

  • Pancito
    Pancito15 днів тому

    Idk, but, if haaland goes to another team, I think europa league shouldt be bad for dortmund at all, i mean, where are you going to find someone that scores 31 goals in 28 matches (betweeen bundes and champions only)

  • Tito Diyei
    Tito Diyei15 днів тому

    Andre Silva > Penaldo

  • Bijak Diaz
    Bijak Diaz15 днів тому

    something's wrong with Haaland, he's not scoring for the past two weeks

    EIN ANDERER15 днів тому

    Why BVB’s handspiel is not fault?

  • sven f
    sven f15 днів тому

    All stats better on BVB, but Frankfurt ended up stealing 3 points anyway - well done! Let's go Eintracht, let's go!

  • Akash 29
    Akash 2915 днів тому

    If Dortmund don't qualify for UCL , don't see any reason for haaland to stay

  • Enzo Vencovský
    Enzo Vencovský15 днів тому

    Dortmund stepped on the banana LOL

  • Rouge X
    Rouge X15 днів тому

    I think the Dortmund players have to step it up, like they have so much potential, but they are playing like a mid table team when they could be title contenders

  • Master Sage

    Master Sage

    14 днів тому

    @pokemaniac2702 not overrated, overrated would be PSG & Man City in UCL. Dortmund are more hyped than anything because they SOMETIMES play exciting attacking football. They don't really have world class players apart from Halland and Sancho. No top keeper, no top class defender, no top class mid, just forwards. It's clear especially when they sub players in (Reinier, Knauff, Reyna) they're all kids basically. The team is too young and inexperienced but has potential, that's why they are hyped, definitely not rated.

  • Rouge X

    Rouge X

    15 днів тому

    I know but they have a good team, they just need to show it

  • pokemaniac2702


    15 днів тому

    They are not as good as everyone think, Dortmund is one of the most overrated teams of all time, andre silva has more Bundesliga goals this season than haaland, Bellingham is called up for england ahead of Maddison, it seems like playing for dortmund makes you a "great potential"

  • Mick Antonio
    Mick Antonio15 днів тому

    portugal national team blessed by forward called andre silva

  • Ruona Deguare
    Ruona Deguare15 днів тому

    Man City would rip this Dortmund's defense apart, I feel sorry for Haaland, cos with this defense he ain't winning any trophy

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed15 днів тому

    Andre Silva is really golden 😆👏👏👏

  • jovaughn thompson
    jovaughn thompson15 днів тому

    How Silva is not starting for Portugal is BEYOND me

  • Josep Maria Bartomeu

    Josep Maria Bartomeu

    14 днів тому

    Coz there's a certain cr7 who plays for Portugal

  • Rodrigo Realista
    Rodrigo Realista15 днів тому

    BVB no defense no goalkepper no coach

  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno15 днів тому

    Adminho please stop hyping Andre Silva! He's average!!!

  • Praveen Jordan Fans
    Praveen Jordan Fans15 днів тому

    Overhype I repeat overhype Haaland

  • LZmvp channel
    LZmvp channel15 днів тому

    Ẹ đội khách ăn may mới thắng được chứ không còn lâu nhá 😠😠😠😠

  • marie Christine
    marie Christine15 днів тому

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  • yanuar Husein
    yanuar Husein15 днів тому

    Frankfurt is so consistent

  • eviebot
    eviebot15 днів тому

    Andre silva is really important now for frankfurt

  • Suroto Umbara
    Suroto Umbara15 днів тому 🙏🙏🙈

  • ah alawadh
    ah alawadh15 днів тому

    It’ll be Interesting to see Dortmund vs City

  • eviebot
    eviebot15 днів тому

    This team should be identified as that they really are a ucl nominate. 0_0

  • Revanda Syahda
    Revanda Syahda15 днів тому

    Portugal golden generation they said, very well said

  • harmit Singh
    harmit Singh15 днів тому

    Haaland could work on his right, can't imagine how good he'll be with his right as good as his left.

  • Diego
    Diego15 днів тому

    Este es le clásico rival del bayern encerio

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams15 днів тому

    Andre Silva as I said time after time is the striker Man United need and looking at Kostic Id try at him also to keep those crosses coming in for Silva

  • baljit sidhu

    baljit sidhu

    15 днів тому

    Exactly Andre silva and botman will be cheaper but effective players they would be able to buy sancho if they sign silva and botman rather halland

  • Julian Castillo II
    Julian Castillo II15 днів тому

    Jovic ❤️

  • Evandro Gouveia
    Evandro Gouveia15 днів тому

    poor bumblebezzzzzz

  • MH 26
    MH 2615 днів тому Haaland was world class

  • Steam Wallet
    Steam Wallet15 днів тому

    Lol Haaland is so overrated, what now? another video for erling "fraud" haaland from adminho? LOOOOOOLL

  • Leon Negro

    Leon Negro

    15 днів тому

    I'm totally agree with you man...he was very lucky all this time in dortmund he's not a good player...he was just a very lucky players

  • aBurntNugget
    aBurntNugget15 днів тому

    Eintracht International! But this time in the Champions league 🎊🎊

  • TheRedstoneMagic games
    TheRedstoneMagic games15 днів тому

    Awake at 8:00 am to see this match in Mexico

  • Tengku Syafiq
    Tengku Syafiq15 днів тому


  • Tengku Syafiq
    Tengku Syafiq15 днів тому

    Hope frankfurt finish top 3 this season and make a debut in ucl next season🔥

  • Tengku Syafiq

    Tengku Syafiq

    15 днів тому

    @aBurntNugget ok bro i already edit it 😉

  • aBurntNugget


    15 днів тому

    We have never played in the UCL so it’s not a Comeback 😂

  • Aßhishek Rana
    Aßhishek Rana15 днів тому

    Andre silva is on fire🔥🔥🔥

  • blue line
    blue line15 днів тому

    That own goal was scored by Adminho when he possessed Dortmund's player.

  • Santhosh Mogatala
    Santhosh Mogatala15 днів тому

    Haaland...Barcelona is waiting for you. 😉

  • Marcelin Crf 14
    Marcelin Crf 1415 днів тому

    Where is haaland now

  • Tesla The Hedgehog
    Tesla The Hedgehog15 днів тому

    As of today I'm officially disappointed in dortmund to my very core, and the next season is probably goung to be even worse with haaland gone. Reus seems to have lost his touch completely, doubt he'll ever be as good as he was a couple seasons back. The rest are just extremely inconsistent.

  • Jonathan De La Peña
    Jonathan De La Peña15 днів тому

    Haaland esta sobrevaloradisimo! Andre Silva vale solo 20-30 millones y lleva más goles en la Bundesliga

  • septenmocho もちょ
    septenmocho もちょ15 днів тому


  • Cristiano Costa
    Cristiano Costa15 днів тому

    Barcelona are either signing Andre Silva or haaland

  • migue moreno
    migue moreno15 днів тому

    Y el pinche milan nunca le dio una verdadera oportunidad a André silva, y ahora vean la mierda de delantero que es Leao y Manzukic acabado

  • ItzJustDev
    ItzJustDev15 днів тому

    So this is the squad that's supposed to stop city from going to the semi final?COME ON CITYY!!

  • Faiza Ardha Inanta
    Faiza Ardha Inanta15 днів тому

    Lucien favre better then terzic

  • Derpster
    Derpster15 днів тому

    Haaland didn't show up. Too much talk about this player. Overhyped. Silva is a more clutch player. Bayern needs to snag him up.

  • Cristian Zárate
    Cristian Zárate15 днів тому

    What Happen to Dortmund 🤦🏻‍♂️😪

  • aBurntNugget


    15 днів тому

    Frankfurt is a better team

  • Ayumi索倉
    Ayumi索倉15 днів тому

    No consistency in the farmers league go bayern

  • DerSchlager1900


    15 днів тому

    How many losses till you realise Dortmund were never in the title race?

  • Mick Antonio
    Mick Antonio15 днів тому

    Bvb in the ucl has another face why i should be worry

  • tojo
    tojo15 днів тому

    Haaland hasn't been scoring for what 3 games now? Must've got a virus in his software

  • Cb Chongbo
    Cb Chongbo15 днів тому

    dortmund biggest bottlers

  • Manuel Duran C

    Manuel Duran C

    15 днів тому

    Bigger than Tottenham? Hahah

  • Adrian Ramadana
    Adrian Ramadana15 днів тому

    💣Andre Silva💥🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Multiyapples
    Multiyapples15 днів тому

    Impressive goal.

  • XTheLolX
    XTheLolX15 днів тому

    I think dortmund should go to the europe league, would have a really high chance to win it, and probably could have a proper transition from favre to rose

  • ledgendarygamer Og
    ledgendarygamer Og15 днів тому

    That thumbnail tho it reminds me of titanic vibes

  • Prana Chakra
    Prana Chakra15 днів тому

    Silva better than halland in that game

  • Zihan Bayeed
    Zihan Bayeed15 днів тому

    not worth $150M

  • Kvngferfootball 8
    Kvngferfootball 815 днів тому

    Andre Silva can lead frankfurt to great things

  • Bocha Moha
    Bocha Moha15 днів тому

    Why there is no replay of the goal?you show only once.we want clear view of the goal by playing twice or more..your highlights are too small

  • Messi 's fam
    Messi 's fam15 днів тому

    Haaland come to barcelona...Dortmund is a suck🤡....

  • Micqhäe Dash
    Micqhäe Dash15 днів тому

    No UCL, No Haaland

  • stormtrooper30
    stormtrooper3015 днів тому


  • Mr Neel
    Mr Neel15 днів тому

    Silva show Haaland who is the boss 😎

  • S R
    S R15 днів тому

    No pasa es nada con ese BVB pecho frio....😡

  • Tam Siufung
    Tam Siufung15 днів тому

    Bayern and Dortmund both changed their coach in the middle of the season. One got the Champions League....Sad to see how Dortmund so inconsistent.

  • Nihar Ranjan
    Nihar Ranjan15 днів тому

    Barcelona should scout andre Silva, he is phenomenal , haaland is overpriced

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed15 днів тому

    Frankfurt is in good form lately with some good forward players, good job.